Friday, March 25, 2011

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Going out day!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Game TIME !

Back From China !!!

Hello everybody !! KitGirlKat in the house !

Yeah !!! back from China !.... maybe korang sume x tau bile dan nape aku egi China kan???? aku pegi China bcuz
~Malaysia-Beijing Exchange Culture~
wow! soo excited! best gilerlah kat sane tp bdk2 tu x abis2 dgn lagu mcd haha...


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ahhhhh How Could This Happen !!!!!!!!


AHhhhhhhhhh,,,,...........!!!!!!!!!!!!! how could this happen ,,???? everybody such in a bad mode........ me also ! why??? Bat just open my post last time when I was in a moody mode ! and I could not believe she mad at me ! BAt I hope u reading this cuz i want u to read this post ! I just post say that if u dont want to folow me to MrsM also I dont mind ! and also bout the want that I said you forget bout my blog OK ! I admit that want when I just in mad mood and when I remember again,, I also forget bout your blog so what ?!!
If you still reading this,, I want you to know I want you to be my best friend but,, you so far away from me like you soooo up in the sky and me??? down the hole.....cuz you are Miss SO Popular and me,,,,,,,, Miss SO-NOT Popular...They just know cuz im the smallest girl among them all.....and you,,, they know you cuz you cool,and just cool with anything that what make me feeling sooo far awway from you......and Farah,,,, I dont know ???
Bat,,, if u still reading this; when I first came to this school,, i really like this shool cuz the teacher who always give soooo many HOMEWORK,, friendss,,,
game,, exam that keeping give me headache,,, haha....... that making me sad to go away from this school.....i hope you understand....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Im In a bad mode !


oHHH,,, im REALLY in BAD MODE !!!
its all started when my library want to renovate !
i know that renovate is good but i already spent all my time there with
my sister and before i standard 1 !
and another things that make me in such a bad mode ,,
like when I want to spent my time with the library before renovate,, my
teacher call me tru the speaker for reherse for the MALAM GALA ! not when
I in the library !
and when my friend look me like bad mode she ask why...
but i just say No.
and like right now she saw im making my post.... and she ask me
what is my blog address. i like SAY WHAT ?!
she forget my blog? but i always remember her blog ! its not fair !
and i hate my classmate because they like to talk back!!
and more ! but i love this school,,but when i think again,, i feel like i wanna
get out from this school fast ! i dont care if Bat don mant to school with me at MRSM Terendak... if she want to go to Cyberjaya also I dont care! She have her OWN choice.. im not her parent... i feel like i want to go to MRSM Terendak and forget all bout this school but how bout other memories here??
my friend and all !

Certainly from,
Budak Ketot ~ KitGirlKat

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Am I Crazy ????!!!!!!!!


Haha,,, am I crazy??
I want to make my own story book but I keep making the same mistake.......
Cant I have something to write at my book !

Come ON !
I need something that fresh, wonder, and a fascinating thing.......
I hope one day Ill be the most popular writter !


Saturday, September 04, 2010

5 More Day !


yeah,,,,,,,,,,,5 hari lagi sebelum............. Hari Raye !!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually,,,, aku ade lagi benda lain nk ckp.. aku x bape happylah dgn hari raye thn nie.... byk benda yg x betul..... selalunyer ktorg ade wat mcm2 sblum hari raye... selalunyer hari raye. ari yg plg aku suke giler ! tapi ,,, mcm lain ajer..... ish.... x bestnyer ! haha,,,, baju raye aku pun x cantik....
B.E.N.C.I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha....apelah aku !

Budak Ketot ~ KitGirlKat